Just Breathe

I am a different person because of yoga. I speak with more purpose. I think with more clarity. I listen with more empathy. I act with more mindfulness. I breathe more completely.

The beautiful thing about these qualities is that you don’t need to be ultra-flexible to reap all of the amazing benefits that a regular yoga practice can offer. I certainly cannot, nor likely ever will, rest my foot behind my head.

But, what I can do is breathe.

The Breath and Breath Awareness is what I discovered to be the most transforming aspect of yoga. Just the simple act of watching the in-and-out breath can truly inform, inspire, engage, and evolve us.

During this busy time of year, I offer you the simple challenge of being with your breath. To pause. To consider. To explore. What emotions arise and which dissipate as you begin to notice your breathing? By exploring, perhaps you can notice if your breath patterns are staggered, uneven, and shallow, or full, long, even, and deep?

Beyond cultivating more Breath Awareness, you may realize that you become more present with your thoughts. Through this process of discovery, you may gain more clarity of thought and a renewed outlook on how you perceive things.

Purposeful breathing has introduced me to new possibilities, and I trust the same for all of you.

Wishing you and yours much love, light, and laughter this holiday season.


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