Knowledge of the Self

When I began practicing yoga I didn’t know myself. I was in my late twenties and I was largely just ‘going through the motions.’ I was unaware, uncertain, and un-grounded. Barely tethered to what I perceived as significant. That’s where yoga met me. That inner self-struggle that often appears out of a regular practice. Past perfecting a ‘peak pose,’ or stretching our muscles beyond preconceived expectations, yoga is the opportunity to discover our own truth. But, at the time, I was completely oblivious to this. I entered into yoga unknowing of its profound effects on the soul.

Within this context, we must consider how our personal conduct in society determines our path and defines our truth. These are challenging times. Extraordinary in their uncertainty and despair. Despite this, I wonder if we are able, as a society, to cultivate a sense of a universal soul that binds us together. Not one, which has been demonstrated on a devastating level, that tears us apart. Yoga sees violence as futile. Perhaps there are those that have become attached to the outcome, which has resulted in the acts of unrest we have seen and endured as nation. I believe in the inherent good of all people. However, when we don’t have a perception of ourselves, the truth within us cannot flourish. When we forget the truth that resides within, universal order cannot exist. Perhaps every action that we witness, experience, or otherwise, is a result of the inner-struggle of the Self. Over-taken by fear, anger, rage, sadness, and desperation, our thoughts, words, and actions come at desperate ends of our true, essential nature.

I’ve experienced personal tragedy. Yet, within this, I had to shift my perception from one of loss to one of truth. Truth in that my experience had to be an opportunity to come to know myself a little bit better. There was a lesson I still needed to learn. Many perhaps. However, I believed that as long as I measured my personal conduct with my core Self, in the days, months, and years that followed, my path forward would bring me closer to self-realization. In so doing, I maintain the belief that through my personal experience, I can better extend my heart to others. I now see my path as a manifest of the well-being of all.

I simply offer this as a thought for us to consider. I don’t suggest that we forget the past, but perhaps we can ‘learn ourselves’ as an offering to connect to one another on a more profound and wholistic level.

One with The Self and The Self to All.

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